An Exhibition of Scientific Illustrations at PLANK Gallery
Nov. 9 – Dec.8, 2019
Opening Reception Saturday, Nov. 9, 6:00-10:00 PM

Exhibition at PLANK Gallery
July 13 – August 10, 2019
Opening Reception Saturday, July 13, 6:00-10:00 PM

Utterances is a collaborative show between Tarran Sklenar and Ryan Weatherly. 

In Utterances, both Sklenar and Weatherly share the figure and portraiture as subject matter. Weatherly’s work presents a constructed reality of different conceptual and pictorial devices to comment on the complexity of identity and selfhood. Sklenar uses gestural mark-making and distorted imagery to dramatize and depict female anxieties.

Artist: Abby Wall

A Group Exhibition at PLANK Gallery
June 7th – July 5th
University of Washington CLASS OF 2019

Efflorescence is a visually striking exhibition presented by the recent graduates of the University of Washington’s Natural Science Illustration Program. Each piece is a celebration of natural splendor at the convergence of art and academia, executed with scientific precision and exquisite attention to detail.

By illuminating complex theories, forms, and functions with visual interpretations, scientific illustration is intended to inspire wonder while increasing public understanding of the natural world.

The diverse artists of Efflorescence fervently believe that knowledge should be intentional, accessible, and inclusive, allowing for the integration of new ideas and perspectives in science and technology.

Artist: Allie Canavan
Artist: Jen Lobo
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